Alex Beck Photography

Human Shield

The Dog


Two's Company...

Under The Waterfall (Thomas Hardy)

Random Scene

Get Ahead...

Jamming at

The Three Pears


What A Dream I Had...

The Swiss Alps

Paradeplatz, Zurich, Illuminations at Xmas

The Seagul


See That?

Zurich Airport

Trapped On A Traffic Island

Waiting For Their Fight...

Suit, Anorak and...

Heathrow Airport


The Hat

Zurich Prime

Remember Marble Madness Anyone?

iPhone Love

Wednesday Morning 3 P.M.


A Favourite Tree


Somewhere In the Alps...


Barren Soil

Zurifest 2013

The Royal Crescent, Bath, England

Taking A Break

Zurich Stadelhofen 10 p.m.

A Storm Is Brewing Over Florence

Perhaps A Cow Fell Through The Roof?

One Small Step...

View From The Jura Ridge

Hommage to Moholy-Nagy

Logan’s Run

Hello Lunch...

Post Nuclear Hotel Furnishing

Oslo Metro

A Closer Look...

'tis autmn

Sunset Over Guggisberg

Guggisberg By Day

Sunset Over Bern

End Of Another Day

A Heron in Bern

Six Ears, One Beetroot‎...

Black and White in Colour

Two Is Company, Three...

Desolation Row

Homage To Mondrian

A Lone Walker

The Conundrum

Angles On Infinity

Stream near Lacock Abbey

Bradford on Avon Xmas 2013

Flooded Town Bridge, Bradford on Avon

Playing By The Flood Water

Chesil Beach, England

Rivers Know This...

The Blue Lake

Watch Your Step

Angels At Les Invalides

Les Invalides, Paris

North Rose Window, Notre Dame, Paris

The South Rose Window, Notre Dame, Paris

Cité, Paris Métro

Sunbathing & Snoozing

Chilling By The Riverside...

There's a certain slant of light [Emily Dickinson]

Sailing to Byzantium, W. B. Yeats

Rain, Steam and Speed: The Matterhorn – Gotthard Railway

Schöllenen Gorge, Uri, Switzerland